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Benefits of Joining Woman Owned Greenwich

Share what you know. Take what you need.  

Get Connected

Woman Owned Greenwich is about relationships and our main goal is to connect women business owners and leaders from Greenwich with each other. We want you to get to know each other through one-on-ones, at events and through the WOMOG site. We understand that the relationships we're building today may not yield a new client today, but are investments in our future and will strengthen our community. We 'give to get'.  We meet to share growth strategies that work, get advice and discover new partners. 

The most powerful aspect of Woman Owned Greenwich are the connections you'll make. Connect with other members personally and digitally. Develop 'give to get' relationships. Share growth strategies that work, connect websites, share content, get advice, discover new partners, find synergies. Practice your business & personal introduction.

Get Found

The power of our private membership platform and directory helps you connect with an impressively talented and diverse group of local women business owners and leaders. Search by industry or by business type, by hobbies and more.

Get Social

Being a business owner and/or entrepreneur can be isolating. Between running a business, community engagement and family responsibilities, we tend to spend a lot of time in front of the computer and very little time IRL (in real life). Woman Owned Greenwich offers opportunities for business owners and leaders to find and socialize with other women to help combat entrepreneurial isolation.

Get Informed

We follow 30+ different local organizations offering programs for business growth, networking and funding. From SBA, to WBCD, SCORE, local libraries, Meetups, incubators and more, there are dozens of events and workshops offered each month that can help your business grow. We funnel those into a single event calendar and email communication - making it easy for you to find and attend the events & workshops that make sense for you and your business - saving you time & effort.

Get Schooled

We help bring the speakers and workshops that you need most to a convenient Greenwich location. Members are invited to share their expertise and give presentations and workshops to the group.

Get Business

As Woman Owned Greenwich members, our familiarity with each other's businesses and the relationships we've built naturally leads to referrals between members. Members commit to meeting with their fellow WOMOG members to share their business and personal stories. Woman Owned members can make discounts and offers available to other members to increase visibility and gain new clients. Note that inappropriate solicitation by members is expressly prohibited in our Code of Conduct

Get Resources

Learn about local resources to help your business grow and scale or get your new business off the ground. From incubators to funding, where do you turn when you're ready for the next step in your business? We can help point you in the right direction.  Take a look at our resource directory or ask the group.


Woman Owned Greenwich is managed by an all volunteer 12 member Steering Committee in Greenwich CT.


203-247-0360 greenwich@womanownedct.com

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