WOG Code of Conduct

By submitting an application to join Woman Owned Greenwich, the prospective member agrees to abide by the WOG Code of Conduct.

Each member makes a commitment to engage with other members. WOG members actively reach out to each other, participate in WOG programs and online discussions, and respond promptly to other members emails/calls.

Because most WOG meetings are in small groups or one on one and may take place in member's homes, WOG respects and recognizes a member's right and the overall right of WOG to Freedom of Association, a fundamental right protected in the US Constitution.*

WOG members are respectful and professional at all times and in all situations.

Members conduct business in a meaningful, legal and ethical way. 

While appropriate business development and relationship building is encouraged, solicitation is not. Solicitation complaints and concerns will be reviewed by the Steering Committee. 

Members understand that WOG is about relationship building (aka networking) and that their contact information will be shared with other members. Member profile and contact information is for the sole use of fellow members to facilitate relationship building and cannot be used for bulk marketing/mailing purposes, nor can member profile information or the WOG directory be shared with non members or another organization for any reason.

Members are encouraged to openly discuss their challenges, successes and areas of concern. The privacy of these discussions is paramount. Members do not jeopardize another member’s business or personal privacy or safety.

Members understand that following the advice solicited from and given by another member(s) is at the sole risk of the member and no one member will be held liable by another.

Failure of a member to uphold the letter and spirit of the Code of Conduct could result in membership suspension or cancellation and is at the sole discretion of the Steering Committee.

*In a free society, any person or group of persons has the right to associate with any other person or group of persons willing to associate with him/her or it on the basis of any standard and for any reason. And likewise, any person or group of persons has the right not to associate with any other person or group of persons on the basis of any standard and for any reason.

Terms/Definitions: Steering Committee - A group of 12 women who set strategic direction, define/enforce the Code of Conduct, manage finances and funding, develop programming and technology, and accept new members.


Woman Owned Greenwich is managed by an all volunteer 12 member Steering Committee in Greenwich CT.


203-247-0360 greenwich@womanownedct.com

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