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Woman Owned Greenwich Steering Committee Member
Tracy Chadwell

Founding Partner, 1843 Capital

1843 Capital is an early stage venture capital fund that makes investments in companies with at least one female founder. Companies of interest (mostly tech and consumer products) must demonstrate a cohesive team, product - market fit and a clearly defined competitive advantage.

Tracy has over 15 years experience in venture capital and private equity. She has 5 years of experience investing in early stage companies with a female founder through her personal entity Coyote Capital. Tracy was a Partner of a growth capital fund – Baker Capital which had more than $1 billion under management.

Tracy has a broad network in the female founder community. She serves on the Board of Marstone, and Sachs Insights, she also proudly serves on the Advisory Boards of both the New York Institute of Technology and the MIT Enterprise Forum, is an Executive Advisor for the Echoing Green Foundation and a Mentor for the BIG Accelerator, Monarq and Techstars KC.

Tracy brings a deep Greenwich network and a wealth of early stage funding knowledge and connections to the Woman Owned Greenwich Steering Committee.

Tracy brings a deep Greenwich network and a wealth of early stage funding knowledge and connections to the Woman Owned Greenwich Steering Committee.

Q&A with 1843 Capital Founder Tracy Chadwell

What do you find most challenging about running your business?

Venture Capital has many challenges, but the one that is the most difficult is that I cannot fund all the great founders I meet. There are so many women creating compelling businesses in the technology sector, but I have limited resources in time and capital.

How have you been involved in the Greenwich Community?

I’m a longtime resident of Greenwich with two boys at Brunswick School. I have been lucky to contribute to the school by donations of artwork, a children’s book I wrote for them called “Bruin, the Brunswick Bear” and by coaching the Odyssey of the Mind competition for my son’s 5th grade team. I was a co-chair of the annual Bruce Museum Ball and support many other not-for-profits in town such as the WBDC and Impact Fairfield. I also like to serve as a resource for women in the community building businesses even if they are not venture eligible.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about the next generation of women having access to capital they need to build large and interesting businesses, and not having to worry about unconscious bias.

What drew you to the WOG Steering Committee?

I am excited to connect with more women business owners and create a community of like minded people.

What are your personal hopes for Woman Owned Greenwich?

I hope the network thrives and can be a basis of support for other women as we strive to make women’s businesses grow.


Woman Owned Greenwich is managed by an all volunteer 12 member Steering Committee in Greenwich CT.


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