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Membership* is open to...

  • Women who own or are a significant partner in a business physically located in Greenwich, CT.
  • Women living in Greenwich who own a business located elsewhere.
  • Women living in Greenwich who are in the process of launching a business.
  • Women who lead Greenwich-based nonprofits.

    *Membership is free through July 1, 2020 while we develop and grow to meet member needs.  In 2020, depending on our growth, we may, or may not impose an individual membership fee (to cover technology and administrative costs) not to exceed $150/year. Woman Owned Greenwich is funded and managed by an all volunteer 10 member Steering Committee in Greenwich, CT.  
    We do not currently accept direct sales agents or those who work as an 'agent' or commission based representative for another organization for membership. If you are a direct sales agent, please subscribe to our 'Friends' email newsletter below.

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Woman Owned Greenwich is managed by an all volunteer 12 member Steering Committee in Greenwich CT.


203-247-0360 greenwich@womanownedct.com

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